Updated list of UK Local Councils Twitter Accounts – 22nd July 2009

Spreadsheet for this table can be found here which is in alphabetical order.

ATTENTION: You can now update your own local council details at LGEO Research’s Wiki Page! Please find latest updates there.

Notes made on 22nd July 2009 (124 councils on twitter to date)

Welcoming new tweep – @BCCNewsRoom

Notes made on 13th July 2009 (123 councils on twitter to date)

Welcome new tweeps – Cumbria County Council, South Oxfordshire DC, Dover District Council, Eden Council, Vale Council, Newark & Sherwood DC, Wycombe District Council, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Elmbridge BC, Sheffield City Council, South Ayrshire Council, Clacks Council, Thanet Council, Rotherham MBC, Gateshead Council, Wyre Borough Council, East Renfrewshire Council, and Cambs CC Elections

Notes made on 24th April 2009

Welcome new tweeps – @TamesideCouncil@DerbyCCJobs, @EdinburghCC & @North_Warks_BC

Notes made on 11th April 2009

Wow, 101 UK Local Council Twitter Accounts! Well done. Welcome 3 new councils @StockportMBC, @ENCouncil and @LewesDC

Notes made on 9th April 2009

3 new councils have joined twitter. Please welcome @falkirkcouncil , @SolihullCouncil and @SouthHams_DC.

Notes made on 3rd April 2009

Its been a while since I’ve updated this list. Much to my surprise the numbers of council on twitter has doubled since the last time I looked. Hopefully by end of the year all local councils will have a twitter account. I’m very interested to learn how you are using your twitter accounts so please do leave your comments on your experiences with twitter. Good or bad! We all want to learn form each other. And if you have any great annecdotes, why not share those too!

Would like to thank the people behind @uklocalcouncils; Mr @barryearnshaw and Mr Glenn Taggart for the fabulous work of gathering all uk local council twitter accounts under one roof.  Your work is truly helpful to many people like me and we thank you for your time and dedication to compile and update the UK local council twitter accounts. You’re a life saver! So if you’d like to keep up with the every growing list of UK local councils on twitter, don’t forget to start following @uklocalcouncils &  Mr @barryearnshaw on twitter!


Here is the Twitterleague of followers

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  1. Dan Slee, Walsall Council

    Great list. As anyone who is doing this will know it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack at times tracing local authorities across Twitter.

    Can I add @walsallcouncil to your list?

  2. Gemma Melling

    Really interesting list. Good to see so many councils are now using this technology. We are using it to promote news, events and job vacancies as well as direct people to our website.

    Could I also add that @KnowsleyCouncil now has 134 followers, as we weren’t listed on the legaue table?

    It will be interesting to see how fast the number of councils on twitter continues to rise.

    1. admin

      Hi Gemma,
      Thanks for sharing the information. Its certainly very interesting for me to find out how you are using Twitter. I’ve already added @KnowsleyCouncil to the Twitterleague. It will now be automatically updated everytime you get new followers. I’m also interested to see how fast the number rises. 😉 – Liz

  3. Sharon

    Thanks – can you add London Borough of Sutton to future lists @lbsuttonnews

  4. Paul Livingstone

    Can you add Falkirk Council (@falkirkcouncil) to this list also, thanks.

    1. Liz Azyan

      Hi Paul,
      Thanks for letting me know! 🙂 I’ve just added your council to the list. So what made you decide to start a twitter account for your council? How do you plan to use it?


  5. David G. Paul

    Hope you don’t mind but I’ve mentioned this article on a blog post on my site (see http://www.newearthonline.co.uk/article/696)

    David G. Paul’s last blog post..Jadu CMS reveals Twitter client

    1. admin

      Do I mind??? I’m delighted! Feel free to mention any article from this blog 😉 It can only help SEO and Google PR rank 🙂

  6. David G. Paul

    phew, will do 😉

  7. George Barbour

    Any chance of adding ourselves, East Renfrewshire Council, to your next update. Our twitter address is @EastRen

    Also, looking for any tips on geo targeting to source and identify residents in our area or nearby who are using twitter.


    1. admin

      Hi George,
      Will definitely do that! Thanks for informing me 🙂 I haven’t updated for a while but will do soon.


  8. Gemma Melling

    Ooh, the list seems to have disappeared?!

    1. admin

      Hi Gemma,
      It seems that there is something wrong with twitterleague. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve tried to fix this but it just doesn’t work for now. Once its fixed I will let you know.


      Liz Azyan

  9. mstores (Mike Stores)

    Twitter Comment

    RT @ukeig @liz_azyan’s list of UK local council’s using Twitter [link to post]

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  10. leejorgensen (Lee Jorgensen)

    Twitter Comment

    RT @Liz_Azyan: LGEO Research Data Update: Updated list of UK Local Councils Twitter Accounts – 13th July 2009 [link to post] 🙂

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  11. Michele Ide-Smith

    Hi Liz,

    Can you add Cambridgeshire’s http://twitter.com/ccc_elections feed which was used before, during and after the county elections to communicate updates?



    1. Liz Azyan

      Hi Michele,
      Hope you’re well! Of course I can 🙂 And… its done! Presto!

      Take care.

      Liz x

  12. karenblakeman (Karen Blakeman)

    Twitter Comment

    @Philbradley The data’s all on @liz_azyan blog http://www.lgeoresearch.com/ The twtter list is at [link to post]

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  13. GeoffC

    Thanks for the list – really useful.

    Please could you add Birmingham City Council’s virtual newsroom @BCCNewsRoom to the list.



  14. sdcsmith2000 (simon smith)

    Twitter Comment

    RT @Liz_Azyan Updated list of UK Local Councils Twitter Accounts – 22nd July 2009 [link to post]

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  15. eOfficeBham (eOffice Birmingham)

    Twitter Comment

    Local Authority Twitter accounts [link to post]

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  16. PSFfrances (Frances Yates)

    Twitter Comment

    RT @Liz_Azyan: Updated list of UK Local Councils Twitter Accounts – 22nd July 2009 [link to post] #psfbuzz

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  17. CovalentCPM (Tricia White)

    Twitter Comment

    RT @Liz_Azyan: Updated list of UK Local Councils Twitter Accounts – 22nd July 2009 [link to post] < < thanks Liz, v useful – Posted using Chat Catcher

  18. piermucelli (Pier Paolo Mucelli)

    Twitter Comment

    @lauracuttiford thanks 4 the tip! Twitter accounts of UK Public Local Councils [link to post]

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  19. pallmallmedia (Jashpal Mall)

    Twitter Comment

    Useful to see which Local Authority’s have twitter accounts: RT [link to post] (via @eOfficeBham)

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  20. how to market yourself

    It is great to see the goverment on Twitter and communicating with the public with all these twitter accounts.

  21. Sylvia

    The latest list doesn’t include Telford & Wrekin Council – @TelfordWrekin, which has well over 700 followers.

    Luke. Tweeple is apparently undergoing a rebuild and your link is unobtainable. Is it held anywhere else?