#WordPress Tip: ‘Theme Helper’ – the useful plugin to help display useful technical information

For the last few years, I have been professionally delivering WordPress websites for clients from governments to the private sector. I would never say that coding is my strongest skill compared to researching and social media, but I have probably configured more than 30 WordPress websites to date.

As I’ve worked in social media, digital marketing, web usability (UX) and accessibility in the past, I often get asked website, service or blogging related questions from readers and peers. And it is through these conversations, I find myself stumbling into opportunities to deliver WordPress websites, rather than actively looking for developing website jobs.

But even with all the opportunities and considerable experience in this area, I still find that once in a while, I need a little help to speed things up when trying to fix errors / troubleshooting or making customizations to websites.

Introducing the ‘Theme Helper’ WordPress plugin

Saying that, here’s a really really useful plugin called the ‘Theme Helper‘ that displays useful technical information on pages and posts to aid in developing WordPress themes. The reason why I’m sharing this is because it’s not available from the WordPress directory, and I only came across it in a developers forum. Therefore, hopefully by sharing it with you here, you will be able to download it directly from Github and use it to your hearts content!

Theme Helper tells you exactly what conditional tags are true, and what files load on each page view.

  • Use In Conjunction with the WP Template Hierarchy Document.
  • Install in the wp-content/plugins directory
  • Theme Helper is only visible to logged in users.

How to use it

theme helper plugin

1.  After you install, you will see this on the bottom right of your screen.

theme helper pop up2.  Click it and you will see this pop up.

3.  Once you’re finished, deactivate the plugin. When you need to use it again, simply activate it again.


Sharing is caring

If you find the plugin useful, please do share it with other people you know who are developing WordPress sites. It’s definitely going on my favourite top 10 WordPress plugins from now on!

If you’re interested in knowing who made this wonderful plugin, let me introduce you to Melissa Cabral. You can find her on her website here.

Hope this was useful!

Liz Azyan

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