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WXWM: Birmingham is Rocking with Social Media Events!

Yesterday I talked to Andy Mabbett from Birmingham City Council and he told me about the WXWM (West by West Midlands) event that he and other ‘super cool’ people such as Podnosh, Nicky Getgood (From the famous hyperlocal blog Digbeth is Good), Shona McQuillan and etc had pulled together in a week!  Well done to Shona McQuillan for masterminding the whole event.  Its amazing what you could pull together with the help of our good old friend ‘Mr Tweet‘ and ‘Mr. Doodle‘. They also got Rhubard Radio to pitch in their audio equipmet to provide quality mp3’s for our hearing pleasure.  I loved reading the About section, wish I was there! You can have a peak of it here…

Howdy partners! It may have come to your attention that a number of Brummie bods will be whooshing over to Texas all transatlantic stylee for SxSW (South by South West) later next week, to mingle and schmooze with web wizards, net honchos and to do some other shizz, like having fun.

Not wishing to be outdone by this, a furious flurry of Twitter activity has registered interest in a counter-event to these southern States shennanigans: WxWM. That’ll be West by West Midlands, then. In our own, special style of Western Midlands tradition, the aim is to show ‘em how it’s done, Brummie style. The main aim is, simply, to have fun and be able to be a very disjointed part of SxSW (and bag about those who are there in a jovial way).

WxWM is set for Saturday 14th March.

The venue can accommodate 30 people so numbers will be limited to this effect. Please confirm your attendance at

Go on, visit the site at and have a listen to these fantastic presentations! Hope we can arrange something like this in London…. 😀 Hope you’ve found this piece of information useful!

Here is the list of audios that might tickle your fancy.. So go on to to listen to ’em!

  1. Charlie Pinder – Pervasive Invasive
  2. We Share Stuff – Digital Inclusion
  3. Gemma Harris and Kara Crozier – Blogging, Therapy and Social Inclusion
  4. Nick Booth – Me and My Troll
  5. Nicky Getgood – A Local Blog for Local People
  6. Kasper Sorenson – Social Media, Professional vs Personal
  7. Jon Bounds – Internet Memes
  8. Antonio Roberts – A Short Introduction to Hacking
  9. Andy Mabbett – Web Accessibility
  10. Ben Whitehouse – Once Upon a Time
  11. Jon Hickman – Social Media MA

Cherio kid!

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